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NT10 Eleventh International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes

Hilton Bonaventure, Montréal, Canada, June 27 – July 2, 2010

Conference Organized by:

Nano Quebec
Université de Montréal


National Research Council Canada

Conference Educational Grants by:

GDRI Graphene nanotubesRQMP - Le regroupement québécois sur les matériaux de pointe

Conference Scope

Carbon nanotubes have many fascinating properties, owing to their quasi one-dimensional structure. This creates a wide range of issues for fundamental research, as well as a wealth of opportunities for technological application. Progress in the field over the past few years has been remarkable, and applications for this unique material are starting to make the move from the laboratory into the mainstream. In the tradition of the NT conference series, this meeting will bring leading researchers in the area of nanotube science and technology together to evaluate the current state of the art and to identify current trends. The conference will encompass the frontiers of fundamental science as well as applied research, and will enable and encourage participants to exchange their latest ideas and results.

Topics receiving special attention include:

  • Mechanical properties of nanotubes and nanotube-based composites
  • Electronic properties of nanotubes and nanotube-based electronic devices
  • Optical characterization and optical properties
  • Progress in synthesis
  • Purification and sorting of nanotubes
  • Chemical processing and modification of nanotubes
  • Applications for nanotubes

Keynote speakers:

Ray H. Baughman, U. Texas at Dallas
Liming Dai, Case Western Reserve U.
Andre Geim, U. Manchester
Yoshikazu Homma, Tokyo U. Science
Paul McEuen, Cornell U.

Invited speakers:

Alberto Bianco, Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire
Jean-Christophe Charlier, École polytechnique de Louvain
Steve Purcell, CNRS, Université Claude Bernard
Jessica Campos Delgado, Instituto Potosino de Investigación Cientifica y Tecnológica
Avetik Harutyunyan, Honda Research Institute USA, Inc.
Atac Imamoglu, ETH Zurich
Riichiro Saito, Tohoku U.
Michael S. Strano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ming Zheng, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Suzy Torti, Wake Forest U. School of Medicine

Tutorial speakers:

David B. Geohegan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Annick Loiseau, Laboratoire d'Etude des Microstructures, France
Anna Swan, Boston University, USA
Phaedon Avouris, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center , USA

Format of the Conference:

The main "general session" of the NT10 conference is 4 days long with a combination of invited talks (5 keynotes and 10 invited), contributed presentations (about 25 selected from submitted abstracts), and poster sessions (6 sessions).

Preceding the main conference are 4 satellite workshops, each up to 2 days long, addressing specific topics, and each with additional invited talks and contributed talks selected from submitted abstracts.

Also preceding the main conference is a tutorial session intended primarily for graduate students. At the poster sessions, there will also be exhibitors displaying materials and equipment of interest to nanotube researchers.

NT10 Advisory Board:

Prof. A. Windle (Uni. Cambridge, UK)
Dr. H. M. Cheng (SYNL, China)
Prof. A. Jorio (UFMG, Brazil)
Dr. H. Kataura (AIST, Japan)
Prof. M. Prato (Uni. Trieste, Italy)
Prof. H. Terrones (UNAM, Mexico)
Prof. Y.-H. Lee (Sungkyunkwan Uni., Korea)
Prof. M. Dresselhaus (MIT, USA)
Prof. T. F. Heinz (Uni. Columbia, USA)
Dr. S. Roche (CEA, France)
Prof. K. Bolton (Göteborgs Uni., Sweden)
Dr. A. Bachtold (CSIC-ICN, Spain)
Prof. T. Pichler (Uni. Vienna, Austria)
Prof. E. Campbell (Uni. Edinburgh, Scotland)
Prof. E. Kauppinen (Helsinki UT, Finland)
Dr. M. Yudasaka (AIST, Japan)

Founder of NT conference series:

David Tomanek (Michigan State University, USA)

Past Conferences:

NT99: Michigan State University, USA
NT01: Potsdam, Germany
NT02: Boston College, USA
Seoul National University, Korea
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Göteborg, Sweden
Nagano, Japan
Ouro Preto, Brazil
Montpellier, France
Beijing, China

Future Conferences:

NT11: University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

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