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Satellite Workshops

ABSTRACTS can STILL BE SUBMITTED to the satellite workshops.

Satellite meetings have been an important part of the NT conference series for several years. This year, they are even more important, with satellite meetings running up to 2 full days, June 27th and June 28th. Returning this year are the three satellite meetings from previous years with one new addition. The satellite meetings are:

Registration to a satellite conference is free for registered NT10 participants.


Tutorials are primarily intended for students participating at the conference. These thematic courses, given by leading experts in the field, cover timely topics in a manner accessible to the student community interested in nanotube science.

Registration to tutorials is free for registered NT10 participants.

Workshop Information

CCTN10 - 6th International Symposium on Computational Challenges and Tools for Nanotubes (http://nanostructures.phys.polymtl.ca/CCTN10). Organized by:
Alain Rochefort, Department of Engineering Physics, Polytechnique Montréal
Hishashi Nakamura Research Organization for Information Science & Technology (RIST)
Stephan Roche Commission de l’Énergie Atomique (CEA)

MSIN10 - 4th International Workshop on Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality of Nanotubes (Link for more information). Organized by:

Ken Bosnick, National Institute for Nanotechnology, NRC Canada
Jennifer Decker, National Institute of Measurement Standards, NRC Canada
Mildred Dresselhaus, Dept. E. Eng.& Comp. Sci. and Dept. Physics, Mass. Inst. Tech. (MIT)
Ado Jorio, Departamento de Física, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Chris Kingston, Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, NRC Canada

CNBMT10 - 3rd Carbon Nanotube Biology, Medicine and Toxicology Satellite Symposium. (Link to more information) Organized by:

Alberto Bianco, Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, CNRS, France
Emmanuel Flahaut, Université Paul Sabatier, CNRS, France
Marianna Foldvari, School of Pharmacy,University of Waterloo
Kostas Kostarelos, The School of Pharmacy, University of London 
Masako Yudasaka, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

GSS10 - 1st Graphene Satellite Symposium (http://carbon.ece.mcgill.ca/GSS10/ ). Organized by:

Antonio H. Castro Neto, Dept. of Physics, Boston University
Alexander Grüneis, Faculty of Physics, Universitat Wien,
Tony F. Heinz, Dept. of Physics and Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University
Thomas Szkopek, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McGill University
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